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Product Name: Non-emusifier agent by Midas
CAS No: MID-C401
Product Type: Petroleum Chemical Industry -> Petroleum additive
Product spec: Light Yellow Liquid Oder is mild
Packing: Drum: 200 Kg. Net
Post Time: 2018-08-08
Usage: MID-A401 is used as a non-emulsifier in acid or water base stimulation treatments( It is compatible with all acid corrosion inhibitors in a variety of hydrochloric acid mixtures)
Description: Normal concentration for this additive is 1-10 gal/Mgal of acid solution (0.1 to 1 volume percent。 Non-emulsifier is specifically designed to treat and/or prevent acid-in-oil or water-in-oil emulsion which commonly occur during well stimulation. Protective clothing, gloves and eye protection should be worn when loading or handling hydrochloric acid or acid blends. Avoid excessive inhalation of vapors or fumes. Do not expose to open flames, heat or areas where sparking may occur. Smoking is strictly prohibited when handling this material.
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